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Ashish Mittal
Successful Installation For EnvirotechMe at Camp Arifjan.
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POS and Inventory
Management System

Management System


EMS can ensure equipment maintenance takes place by keeping records and delivering reminders.

Without a software application of this type, equipment maintenance can be put off, ignored or just forgotten. It might not even be laziness. There are just so many other pressing needs to be taken care of that equipment maintenance in sometimes shoved to the back burner.

Equipment receiving little or no service is a breakdown waiting to happen. With a maintenance system in place, these breakdowns are less likely to occur at the wrong time.  This, in turn, means fewer fiscal losses to down time and the resulting redirected human resources. Employees are, quite obviously, more efficient, if they spend time maintaining equipment, instead of fixing it. Oiling the gears a few minutes a day is a lot less stressful and expensive, than shutting down for repairs due to wear and tear.

Once again, a particular business can save both time and money by using a software system specially geared towards this specific purpose


- Take Control of your Equipment Management Program

- Reduce Equipment Downtime

- Extend the life of your Equipment

Password Protection: Only Authorized uses can access the system.

- Approval Process in place
- Preventive Maintenance can be defined for equipment
- Automatic alerts generated for maintenance which are due well in advance (specified by the   users themselves)

Equipments can be classified location and department in the hierarchical manner

Checklist can be maintained.

Easy and Effective and Affordable.

WO Category: Allow work order to be categorized for analysis and reporting

Parts: Multiple parts can be recorded in each work order.
Outside services:
Allows tracking of outside services.

Labor: Records employee productivity by recording start and end dates of each work order.
Monitors part, miscellaneous items, labor and outside services costs


Service Due
Service History

Work Order completion time.


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